Nettie Rae Fullerton1,2

F, (1872 - 27 November 1960)
     Nettie Rae Fullerton was born in 1872 at Pennsylvania. She was the daughter of Samuel D. Fullerton and Mary Johnson. Nettie Rae Fullerton married Henry L. Sholder, age 23, son of Christian Sholder and Leah Sechrist, on Thursday, 27 July 1893 at Oak Grove, Lycoming Township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, by the Reverend L. C. Rutter.3,2 Nettie Rae Fullerton died on 27 November 1960 at age 88 years. She was buried on 1 December 1960 in lot 615, in the Wildwood Cemetery, located in Williamsport, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania.
     She appears in family group photograph circa 1939.4

Children of Nettie Rae Fullerton and Henry L. Sholder

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  1. [S169] Henry L. Sholder and Nettie R. Fullerton marriage, 27 July 1893, Kevin Leonard Sholder, 48 Esquire Avenue, Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio. This marriage certificate was given to Kevin L. Sholder by Frederick R. Blackman in October of 2003 following the death of his wife Merle Evadna Sholder. The subjects of this certificate were Merle's grandparents, and it seems to have passed from them to their youngest son Merrill D. Sholder to his daughter Merle Evadna Sholder, shows name as Nettie R. Fullerton.
  2. [S1244] Mrs. Helen M. Livermore obituary, undated clipping from an unidentified newspaper presumably from a local paper in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, November 1979. The original was given to the author, on 1 June 1999 by Donna [Edler] Sayah. The original newspaper clipping came from Donna's mother Johanna [Weiss] Edler (1915-1999) and was a part of her collection of personal memorabilia that she had collected throughout her lifetime. Kevin Leonard Sholder, Dayton, Ohio, USA.
  3. [S169] Certificate, Henry L. Sholder and Nettie R. Fullerton marriage of 27 July 1893, I, L. C. Rutter hereby certify, that on the Twenty Seventh day of July one thousand eight hundred and ninety three at Oak Grove Old Lycoming Twp Lycoming Co. Pa. Henry L. Sholder and Nettie R. Fullerton were by me united in marriage, in accordance with License issued by the Clerk of the Orphan's Court of Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, numbered 4151. Signed L. C. Rutter, Minister of Presbyterian Church.
  4. [S1197] Henry L. Sholder family snapshot, original, inscribed on verso, circa 1939. Handwritten on the back most likely by Margaret (Horn) Bennett is "uncle Henry Sholder / aunt Nettie Sholder," Margaret (Horn) Bennett was the neice of Henry L. Sholder and Nettie Fullerton.

    This photograph was handed down to Joseph Richard Bennett, son of Margaret (Horn) Bennett, Youngstown Ohio. The original was mailed to Kevin L. Sholder in July 2007 by Joseph Richard Bennett. Kevin then scanned it into electronic format. Owned 2007 by Kevin Leonard Sholder (48 Esquire Avenue, Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio).