There has been more than a lot of discussion over the last several years about identity theft, how, when and why it occurs. I am no expert, but have posted a few links to articles about this topic, mostly because people are concerned with their "family" information being published on various websites. The two individuals come from different areas of expertise, one is a genealogist, while the other is an advocate for consumer rights.

Information about the consumer warrior Clark Howard can be found on his website. He has numerous good articles about how, when and why identity theft occurs, my favorites are:
  1. Avoiding Identity Theft
  2. Identity Theft Guide

Dick Eastman is employed by the New England Historic Genealogical Society, has served as the Assistant Executive Director for Technology. He is a frequent presenter at major genealogy conferences. He has also published articles in Genealogical Computing and Family Chronicle magazines and for a number of Web sites. He was an advisor to PBS' Ancestry series and appeared as a guest in one of the episodes. He is a past Director of GENTECH and of the New England Computer Genealogists. Dick is the author of YOUR ROOTS: Total Genealogy Planning On Your Computer published by Ziff-Davis Press. My favorites from Dick are:
  1. So Why Lock Up the Birth Records?
  2. Who's Climbing Your Family Tree?
  3. The Security of Your Mother's Maiden Name

Please become an informed consumer about identity theft and how it really works, genealogy is not the problem.