Matthias Fode1,2

M, (26 February 1746 - 1798)
     Matthias Fode was born on 26 February 1746 at Schiltach, Oberamt Rottweil, Schwarzwaldkreis, Württemberg.3,2 He was the son of Johann Fode and Elisabeth Barbara Scherer.3 Matthias Fode married, at age 31, Maria Catharina Scholderer, age 20, daughter of Georg Jacob Scholderer and Marie Dorothee Öffinger, on Tuesday, 3 June 1777 at Rosenfeld, Oberamt Sulz, Schwarzwaldkreis, Württemberg.1,3,2 Matthias Fode died in 1798 at age 51 years.4
     Matthias Fode was also known as Matthaeus Fod.3

Children of Matthias Fode and Maria Catharina Scholderer

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