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General Information

The Internet has proven to be a wonderful tool for genealogical research and publishing. It is no longer necessary to wait until a research project is finished (family history research is never finished) to publish our results. We can now get whatever we have out there to share, based on the best information we have, and keep it up to date as new material becomes available.

The drawback is that, inevitably, errors and omissions are included with the valid results. The pages located on this site are very much a "work in progress." The goal is to make it more complete and accurate with every update. You can help me by letting me know when you come across mistakes on these pages and by sharing new information you uncover. Please send me copies of any documents, photos, diaries, old letters, family group sheets, wills, deeds, Bible records - anything you might have that applies to the families on these pages.

The information contained within the online data contains only basic information: birth, marriage, death, and burial. There is however typically much more information available on the subjects found within these pages. The family data found here is maintained with The Master Genealogist and is presented on this website by its companion program Second Site, while the other parts of this website are maintained with Microsoft's FrontPage and EditPad Pro.

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Acceptable Use

Hopefully you will find this information both valuable and useful. If you use any of the material found on these pages for your own personal research I only ask that you cite these pages as your source.

A full footnote of the source for this site would look like:
Kevin L. Sholder, Stepping Stones; Chronicles of the Scholderer Family Lineage - Christian August Scholderer, online (Ohio, United States of America; page last updated 13 October 2008) viewed on 1 January 2009.

The pages here that have been created using Second Site are unique in that whenever I update the family data, the page URL will remain the same. So there is never a concern that a person will be lost or moved to a different URL. Check the changes page located at the top of each of the family pages for the latest changes. Please cite these individual pages as the source if you use any information from them.

Additional information about creating sources for online information can be found at the ProGenealogists site or in the source Bible, Evidence Explained: Citing History Sources from Artifacts to Cyberspace by Elizabeth Shown Mills.

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Most dates are complete, however some are not. In these cases, the words: after, before and circa are sometimes used, which indicates some type of estimate was used either based on a source or an educated guess. This is done to help me later in research while looking for primary or secondary sources to find the answer or another clue. My "magic" numbers based on the statistics contained within my data are as follows:

  Males Females
Age at first marriage 25.5 years +/- 6.5 22.4 years +/- 5.7
Age at first child 27.6 years +/- 6.4 24.2 years +/- 5.3
Age at last child 34.4 years +/- 8.5 30.9 years +/- 7.2
Age at Death 60.8 years +/- 24.7 62.0 years +/- 26.0

In the case of circa my aim for dates is +/- 5 years from the date shown, but will more likely be closer than that. Sometime you will also find "after" and "before" dates. The "before" date refers, not to the date itself, but to the event, in that it actually occurred sometime before this date. An example would be in using the History of Lycoming County, by John F. Meginness which was published in 1892, and it shows John Smith son of Jesse Smith was deceased, but no date was given. John's date of death would be listed as before 1892.

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Within Second Site they use various icons to help navigate the site, or to simply call out additional information that maybe available. Below you will find the current listing of icons used on the family data pages.

- An audio or video file can be viewed by clicking on ths icon.
- A document file can be seen by clicking on ths icon.
- Additional information about this location can be found by clicking on this icon.
- Indicates that the person is a twin.
- Indicates that the person was a triplet.
- A PDF document file can be seen by clicking on ths icon.
- A photograph or other graphic file can be seen by clicking on ths icon.
- This is used in the person index to indicate that there is a primary image of the person available for viewing.
- An audio file can be heard by clicking on ths icon.

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Identity Theft

There has been more than a lot of discussion over the last several years about identity theft, how it occurs, when it occurs and why it occurs.  I am no expert, but have posted a few links to articles about this topic, mostly because people are concerned with their "family" information being published on various websites.  The two individuals come from different areas of expertise, one is a genealogist, while the other is an advocate for consumer rights.

Information about the consumer warrior Clark Howard can be found on his website.  He has numerous good articles about how, when and why identity theft occurs, my favorites are:

  1. Avoiding Identity Theft
  2. Identity Theft Guide
  3. Some additional information from his radio show archives.

Dick Eastman is employed by the New England Historic Genealogical Society, serving as Assistant Executive Director for Technology.  He is a frequent presenter at major genealogy conferences.  He has published articles in Genealogical Computing and Family Chronicle magazines and for a number of Web sites.  He was an advisor to PBS' Ancestry series and appeared as a guest in one of the episodes.  He is a past Director of GENTECH and of the New England Computer Genealogists.  Dick is the author of YOUR ROOTS: Total Genealogy Planning On Your Computer published by Ziff-Davis Press.  My favorites from Dick are:

  1. So Why Lock Up the Birth Records?
  2. Who's Climbing Your Family Tree?
  3. The Security of Your Mother's Maiden Name

He has several articles, which can be found on his website.  Articles published after 1 June 2004 can be found here.  Older articles published before 1 June 2004 can be found here.

Please become an informed consumer about identity theft and how it really works, genealogy is not the problem.

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Information Sharing

Our genealogical theories and conclusions are not flawless, and they are subject to change from time to time. Therefore, each researcher needs to make thoughtful decisions on a name-by-name basis as to how our findings will be used. Before using any information provided on this website, the reader is strongly encouraged to verify the information for themselves. Consequently, we do not distribute our research in the form of a GEDCOM file.

From time to time, requests are received for a printed version of parts or all of our database / website. Often, the intent is to pass along interesting information to family members not on the Internet. Such requests generally seem quite reasonable to the first-time site visitor, and if it could be done, it would make many people happy.

However, the database / website consisted of over 5,000 people in the various family trees this equates to on average 1 - 3 pages per person. This will continue to grow over time, perhaps by as much as 10% to 20% per year.

As there is a rough equivalency in the amount of content in one of our average web pages to the content of a page in a printed book, the content of our web site represents the same volume as 100 or more hardback books. Thus, printing would prove to be an impossibly complex and expensive proposition at this time. Not only that, like the typical family history, the printed copies would quickly get out-of-date since they are being adding to daily, improving, and sometimes revising our research findings.

Those interested in printed copies are encouraged to selectively choose those pages most relevant and to print them from their Web browsers. Please see the Acceptable Use statements about this website, and be sure to write the source information on the pages that you print for later reference when it is needed.

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Living People

This site does not publish any details about living individuals other than the names of their parents and children. We do our best in Practicing Safe Genealogy on the World Wide Web. Therefore, all individuals born less than 100 years ago are presumed to be living and all people born more than 100 years ago are presumed to be deceased.

In large the material contained here is a matter of public record or obtained from public sources, such as public databases, news articles and other information that has been made publicly available. However, if such information has been published about you or your family, and you do not wish it to appear on this website, please contact me and the appropriate "exclusions" will be made at the next update. However, since this is a family project and the more people that are involved, the better are our chances of obtaining updates to the information and thereby getting items that are in error, corrected and updated making the site more reliable.

However diligent we may be in adhering to the above guidelines, inadvertently something may slip through. If something has been published that you don't feel should have been, please notify us immediately so that the breach can be corrected.

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Place names are spelled out in full detail. All places are also based on the timeframe in which they occur. An example would be the village of Degerloch in the present day state of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Degerloch has always been under the control of Württemberg, between circa 1495 to 1807 Württemberg was a Duchy, then in 1807 it was elevated to a Kingdom. So for dates before 1807 you will see it listed as: Degerloch, Oberampt Stuttgart, Neckarkreis, Duchy of Württemberg and dates after 1807 would be Degerloch, Oberampt Stuttgart, Neckarkreis, Kingdom of Württemberg or some other variation based on the timeframe of the event. This gives the reader a better view of the historical and political changes that certain places have gone through over a span of time. Hopefully you will find this method interesting and helpful.

There is also a place index that can be referred to in order to learn more about a specific location, called the Master Place Index. By clicking on the icon you can see the additional information on that location. (To learn more about the icons used on this site go here.) There you will find historical and background information on a particular place. If you have questions please provide feedback.

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The information provided on this website has been compiled by Kevin L. Sholder and is accurate to the best of my knowledge. Some of the information here has been contributed by others, but the author has endeavored to authenticate this information independently wherever possible. However, inaccuracies are certain to exist.

All of the sources used to compile this information are listed on this site for your easy reference. The information here is generally sourced, but there are holes as some of the research was done when I was a kid as a 4-H project in the mid-1970's and needless to say, sources were not mentioned at that point in time. However, the sources that I do have vary widely in their quality and no doubt do contain some errors, so as I consult the original records undoubtedly some of this information will change. Both original and derivative sources have been included so that you may evaluate them as well. If the reader finds errors of any kind (factual or typographical) on these pages, you are encouraged to contact me. If you would like more information about the differences between sources and citations for genealogy please see eogn - Sources and Citations.

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