[—?—] Hurst1,2

     [—?—] Hurst married Mary Louise Whited, daughter of Oscar Whited and Lena Heckel, circa 1943.1,2
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  2. [S1783] Keller Family 8-8-43, Keller Research Files; supplied by David A. Buerk, [street address for private use,] Dayton, Ohio, USA. 2008. This is a copy of a family tree that was hand drawn in 1943. The date listed is shown as 8-8-1943. David indicated that it came from Emma (Keller) Feldmaier, which is Jacob Keller's daughter. It can be presumed that either Jacob or Emma was the artist of the tree. The tree contains no dates only a center showning John and Eliabeth Keller with branches for each of their children: Anna, Lena, John, Elizabeth, George, Margaret, Jacob, Katie and Christ and their descendants.