Martin Scholderer1

M, (circa 1600 - 23 September 1635)
     Martin Scholderer was born circa 1600.1 He married Dorothee [—?—] between 1620 and 1625.1 Martin Scholderer died on 23 September 1635 at Remmingsheim, Oberamt Rottenburg, Schwarzwaldkreis, Württemberg.1
This individual and Martinus Scholderer on this site have data in common and could be the same person. One source, the Church Books of Rosenfeld, show Martinus being born in Rosenfeld on 10 November 1600. While, the Church Books of Remmingsheim, show Martin, who died on 23 September 1635. In doing research in the Remmingsheim books it was noted that Martin's age was about 35 when he died. While this is not conclusive evidence that Martinus and Martin are the same person, it is quite logical to believe that they could be one in the same. Any help in resolving this puzzle would be greatly appreciated.
There must have been one more child, because on the death entry for Dorothea it states "leaving behind 4 orphans," . . .bad to read. . and has lost 2 children Conrad and Anna Maria.

I have not found a birth entry of Hans Scholderer, the oldest child, nor a marriage record for Martin and Dorothee in Remmingsheim

The death entry of the last child Hans Martin Sch. born 7 Okt. 1635 is very clear: died on 6 Nov. 1635.

Martin Scholderers child name Hans Martin, shows that an addition has been made in the church book: has been baptised in Bondorf.

If Conrad died on the 6 Okt. or the 28 Oct. - same Anna Maria is not sure. It just states: died child of Martin Scholderer, one on the 6 Okt. and the other on the 28 Okt. 1635.

Looks like they had a epidemy in fall 1635 in Remmingsheim as over half the village had died.1

Children of Martin Scholderer and Dorothee [—?—]

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