Tombstone for Anna M. (Lutscher) and Christian A. Sholder [Scholderer], front side, photographed July 2014.

Photograph by Kevin L. Sholder
A die on base combined tombstone made of granite and in excellent shape located in lot 520C West, Wildwood Cemetery, Williamsport, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania. This is a replacement stone Christan A. and wife Anna M. Sholder. The tombstone was replaced by family in 2014 by donations received from their descendants and presented at the family reunion that was held in July 2014. The inscription for the left half of the front of the stone reads: ANNA M. / WIFE OF / CHRISTIAN A. SHOLDER / DIED / SEPTEMBER 10, 1884 / AGED / 74 YEARS, 11 MONTHS & / 20 DAYS The inscription for the right half of the front of the stone has been corrected to match Christian’s actual date of birth found in the church books in Degerloch by my cousin and descendant of the Scholderer family, Erika Victoria Lanz, born and raised in Degerloch. CHRISTIAN A. SHOLDER / DIED / MARCH 2, 1874 / AGED / 66 YEARS 3 MONTHS & / 12 DAYS The inscription from the original stone states: CHRISTIAN A. SHOLDER / DIED / MARCH 2, 1874 / AGED / 66 yrs 3 mon 15 d's On the bottom of the combined stone the inscription matches that which was found on both of their original stones: No pains, no griefs, no anxious fear invades thy bounds, no mortal woes. The inscription on the reverse of the stone reads as follows: SCHOLDERER / Emigrated on 14 Mar. 1831 / from Degerloch, Württemberg, Germany