Welcome to the Scholderer Surname Study

Welcome to the SCHOLDERER Surname Study. This site is the foremost genealogical site dedicated to the display of, research of and collection of artifacts and historical information on the Scholderer surname and its derivative surnames including but not limited to: Scholder, Sholder, Sholders, Shoulder, Shoulders and their descendants. This site is also interested in the various female lines that stem from these surnames. So if there is a Scholderer surname or a variation in your heritage, please contact us.

The progenitors of the Scholderer surname are mostly found in present day Germany, with an emphasis in the south-eastern state of Baden-Württemberg. This surname has also found as far north as Denmark then south to Switzerland, west into parts of Belgium, France and the Netherlands, and east into present day Austria, Belarus, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Ukraine. Of the various branches that came to America, they predominantly arrived starting in the early 19th century and continued to immigrate well into the 20th century from any number of the above countries.

While typical a one-name study tries to trace every person worldwide with a particular surname, we will slowly be adding new family groups as new documentation is uncovered. This sites' primary focus will be to deliver the highest quality family website incorporating established standards of research and presentation by the professional genealogical community. This will provide the descendants of the families presented here with an accurate record of the various families, while being enjoyable, educational and factual reading.

This site has been derived from various original and secondary sources such as documents, books, census records, church records, interviews, correspondence and websites from family members over the years. We welcome any information or stories that might be used for future updates and would encourage all of you to submit any materials that may be of interest no matter how small. We will then organize and make all of the information available that has been collected on these various Scholderer families and their descendants via this site. Typically we will incorporate these updates on a few times a year, please visit us often to view our progress. The most recent changes are always listed here.

If your family is already shown here, please consider sending us an e-mail, correcting any mistakes as well as any updates that would be helpful to our research. We also like to hear about things that we are doing well or could be doing better on this web site. We will accept any and all suggestions and incorporate them as long as they benefit the research and study’s main focus.

This web site makes every effort to follow the information sharing and web site guidelines of the National Genealogical Society.  If you see information posted that you feel should not be, please email me to discuss the problem.

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