Anna Margaretha Lutscher birth certificate, 16 February 1831.

Photograph by Kevin L. Sholder
Birth certificate for Anna Margaretha Lutscher required for immigration to America, 16 February 1831.

Konig (reich?) Würtemberg
? Kreis
Amts ? Amt Stuttgart
16 Feb. 1831

In year one thousand eight hundred and nine, the the twenty first Sept. - 21. Sept. 1809 - was in regular marriage born and the following 21 baptized Anna Margaretha Aelteren (old spelling means Eltern = parents): Jacob Friedrich Lutscher, B. und Weing. (Bürger und Weingärtner = resident and wine grower) Katharina Barbara geb. (nee) Reiser.

Taufzeugen (gogd fathers) Johannes ? ?, Weingärtner
Ursula Margarete, Georg Friedrich Gohl, Bauer (farmer) ux. (means uxor = wife)
Anna ? Joh. Neef, Bauer, ux.

? M Fried. Heinr. Aug. Georgii = M? Friedrich Heinrich August Georgii (Mr. Georgii was the parson at that time)

Die ? vorgeschriebener Fertigung beurkundet (The ? before written copy certified)
Stuttgart 19 Februar 1831
? Amts ?
Griesinger ? (not sure about that name)


Kingdom of Wuerttemberg, Neckar County, Degerloch, February 16, 1831. On September 21, 1809 was born in lawful marriage and baptized on the 24th of the same month: Anna Margareta, parents: Jacob Friedrich Lutscher, B. und Weing. [Bürger und Weingärtner = resident and wine grower] and Katharina Barbara, née Reiser. Baptizing witnesses: Johannes Reiser, Weingärtner [wine grower] Vinter, Ursula Margareta, Georg Friedrich Gohl, Bauer [farmer] wife Anna Margareta, Jos. Nenf, Bauer [farmer]. By parson M Fried. Heinr. Aug. Georgii. Written copy recorded and certified Stuttgart 19 February 1831.